It’s like herpes, seriously

15 Aug

Have you ever played the whispering game? The game when you and a few of your friends have to pass on a specific sentence to one another, all the way to the last guy in line? In the end of the line, most of the time the last guy won’t be able to decipher the message correctly. Often times the message gets totally jumbled, incoherent, and totally strayed from the original. That’s how it is about passing information.

Now recently I got really really annoyed because of this process of people passing information about me. I won’t call the process gossiping because I’d like to believe that the place I’m in right now is not a high school full of immature and bored teenagers. Besides, who the heck am I?

Plus, I won’t call what some people did gossiping because I know they’re bored and I happen to provide a topic worthy of serious discussion. Maybe they were doing it out of a sincere concern for me, I dunno. All I know is that I’m annoyed. Because whatever the intent was, it has gone jumbled into something I think is malicious.

I won’t do anything about it (besides rambling on this blog, harrrrrr) because I think 1). I don’t have the patience to engage on some childish play; 2). I’m rising above; 3). I understand that people are bored; and 4). Yeah, I did those things you said was quel horreur *eyeroll* and thankyouverymuch for your concern.

I just have one nagging question on the back of my head. Did I kick your puppy or something? Then why on earth would ANYONE feel the need to tell EVERYONE on their BBM contact list about the stupid shit I did that doesn’t in any way concern them?

Yeah, maybe they’re bored.

Honeys, just a little advice: when I’m bored, I check out Kickette or CuteOverload and squee my ass off. It’s way better that spreading malicious news about someone you barely know. And yes, my blood boiled like a pot of freshly brewed The Draught of The Living Dead when YOUR message got to me. PS: It WAS malicious and ill-appreciated.

I’m getting this out of my chest for the last time. And yes, I still have to scoop up and clean the shit you spread everywhere. Thankyouverymuch.

PS: Yeah I’m moving back to a gratisan platform. #orangsusah


One Response to “It’s like herpes, seriously”

  1. hapsarisekaradi August 18, 2010 at 3:01 am #

    Bok, I’d like to see some pic of that ogre dong, please. Biar makin menghayati pas lo cerita 😉

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