Goku – SetiabudiOne

10 Jun

Let this get out of the way first: yeah I’ve been lazy.

Now let me talk about the thing I know the most:

On a Friday lunch, me and some work pals went to Setiabudi One to find some grub. Discount hoarders that we are, we picked a place that offered the most discounts (MISTAKE #1). We all agreed to try Goku, on the lower ground that offers 50% discount with BNI CC.

First impression, the place was cozy, minimally lit, and surprisingly sparse during what’s supposed to be the craziest time of the weekdays. This should’ve been a first warning for us, but our love for discounts made us weak-willed and stupid. The resto’s specialty is shabu-shabu but all of us weren’t in the mood to cook our own foods so we chose from the a la carte menu.

Full review + pics, after the cut –>

So, we ordered to a trainee waiter (MISTAKE #2) and while we wait for our meals we were given a complimentary small plate of edamame each (not pictured).

The plate of edamame turned out to be FAR TOO SMALL considering the insanely amount of minutes we spent waiting for our meals.

I’s chicken katsu with curry (forgot the price, I think it was around 40K) came out surprisingly fast(er) in 10 minutes or so after we ordered.

He tried waiting for the rest of the food to come out, but by golly it was really super duper slow. After about 15 minutes, he finally dug in before the food got too cold. His verdict: “Alright, nothing to rave about.”

15 minutes… still nada.

20 minutes… still zilch.

My other friend B–who is a big & tall dude who looks like he can pull a punch, finally marched to the kitchen complaining.

In an instant, his order came out…  or so we thought.
See, he ordered salmon teriyaki don, but instead the waiter brought out chicken katsu don which was made even more hilarious since the waiter who put that bowl on the table said that it was salmon teriyaki-don -___-” .
Because he didn’t wait to wait anymore, he just ate his food in fury while we looked at him with pity in our eyes.

To add insult to injury, while the rest of us waited in our empty table, the patrons next to us started chain-smoking like crazy and no one dared to stop them. WTF, right?! Apparently my “THINK OF THE CHILDREN, YOU HILLBILLY FUCKERS” side-eye has been losing its effect because it didn’t work on those fuckers.

After grossly offensive 50 minutes (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) of waiting, the food finally arrived.

R’s salmon teriyaki (65 K before discount)

My beef teriyaki — that my waiter mistakenly identified as CHICKEN before realizing his mistake (50 K before discount). Srsly, does it look like chicken at all to you?

A & B’s chicken katsudon (around 45 K before discount)

You bet your ass I didn’t ask for everyone’s opinion because at that point we just couldn’t wait to haul ass of that godforsaken place. My beef teriyaki was OK, nothing to rave about. The meat was juicy (I saw some blood that indicates that it might be medium-well) but not tender enough. The miso soup was way too salty but HEY I waited 50 minutes for this damn thing, at the moment a tissue paper would’ve tasted like ambrosia. Another LOLtastic moment happened when I unwrapped my cutlery and realized that I’ve been given a soup spoon and a little baby fork (like the one you use to eat fruit). WTF right? We could only laugh at all of the fuckery at that point.

Apparently, we were not the only unhappy patron at that moment. I saw one dude who repeatedly marched to the kitchen demanding his food, and another one returning the shabu set he ordered because it came out way too late. Seriously, there’s something grotesquely wrong about this restaurant.

Food: 7
Service: Eh… 3. At least our trainee-waiter smiled apologetically.
Price: (with 50% CC discount) 8
Would I come back again:
Would I come back again if I would be given free food:
…………… You know that there’s something really wrong about the place when the thought of free food doesn’t giddy me up like it should be.

Shabu-shabu & Japanese food
Setiabudi One – Lantai Dasar Unit B 103-105
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav 62
Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan


2 Responses to “Goku – SetiabudiOne”

  1. Joy August 11, 2013 at 7:03 am #

    Very bad service!!!!!!!!!


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