Sekai – Senopati

13 Jun

Last Saturday night, I got together in Sekai (Senopati) with a few pals for a celebratory post-wedding dinner of Nan & Chan. Of course, the bill is on them *love & kisses*.

Full review & pics after the cut –>

Among the gajillion foods we ordered:

My short-rib (95 K).

Ebi tempura set (forgot the price, under 50K), pictured with other stuff I don’t remember.

H’s beef teriyaki set (under 50K).

R’s salmon teriyaki (forgot the price).

We also ordered their sushi rolls, not pictured because once the plate arrived, it got demolished pretty quickly. Anyway, the food was nice. My short-rib (cooked medium well) was so-so though, I’ve had better. H’s beef teriyaki kinda tasted like Hoka-hoka Bento. I never liked cooked salmon, so R’s salmon teriyaki did nothing for me. Their sushi rolls were fantastic though. Compared to the ones from THAT franchised sushi place *EHEM*, Sekai’s was superior by a far margin.

The “Extreme” roll was everyone’s favorite, with fresh salmon sashimi slices on top. I also loved the “Dynamite” roll, they dipped the sushi roll in tempura batter and deep-fried it before cutting it. It had a few dynamitey chilli padi in it, so non chili-lover folks beware.

A few impressive dishes that I didn’t picture: chawan mushi (not fishy at all), agedashi tofu (I love the sweet-savory soy sauce), and sukiyaki.

Overall verdict:

Food: 8. Go for the sushi instead of their grill & teriyaki items.

Service: 8. After the DISASTUH experience in Goku, the service in Sekai was a pleasant experience. The waiters are attentive & friendly, and their knowledge of the menu was commendable.

Price: Can’t comment on this much because I paid zilch 😀
Overall, the sushi items are quite affordable, price-wise similar to Sushi Tei but with much better quality. They also offer all you can eat package for sushi or shabu-shabu that I would not take considering they limit the choices of item for this package.

Ambiance: Sushi Tei-ish, with no boundaries between smoker & non-smoker. My friends are cigheads (-___-“) so they smoked like chimneys inside.

Will I go back again: Yep, probably if were near the area. Wouldn’t rush specifically to go there since it’s literally across the city from where I live. Would love to try their tori-tsukune later.

Sushi & Shabu-shabu
Jln. Suryo No. 30 Terusan Senopati Blok S, Jakarta Selatan
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Tel. (62 21) 72788750


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