Manon – Chocolatier & Patissier (part 1)

15 Jun

There have been quite a few restaurateurs trying to make upscale food establishment happen in Kelapa Gading, and most of them failed. Unless your restaurant is part of an already popular franchise (see: Sushi Tei) or have generations of loyal following made of rich Chinese people (see: Angke. Srsly that place is never empty), expect to close down in 6 months.

That’s why I was surprised to find Manon on my way to the gym one day (NATCH). The place is obviously very tastefully done, and it screams “EXPENSIVE STUFF INSIDE, HELLO!” that might be a little intimidating. Honestly, Kelapa Gading is currently VERY saturated with cakeries & bakeries. I think it is very ballsy for them to try and explore the “upper than upscale” niche in the area of mostly traditional & generally austere Chinese people.


Once you step in the store, you will feel the exclusive ambiance right away. I love its mostly pink/fuchsia, rich dark brown, and gold decor. The macaron’s display fridge immediately grabs your attention with their perfect shapes and alluring color:

The colors here represent different-flavored macarons (IDR 6 K each) that they offer. So far I have tried the tiramisu (best one in my opinion), rose (interesting), strawberry (ok), mild chocolate (a little too sweet but acceptable), dark chocolate (too rich for my taste), and pistachio (way way way too sweet). Taste aside, their texture is the best I’ve tasted in town. Some other bakeries tried to wing their version of macarons resulting in varying degree of FAIL. I tried one macaron that actually costs more than Manon’s from another upscale bakery in Jakarta and I threw it away after one bite (it was that bad). Manon’s macaron has that crunch that you wish for from a macaron before it dissolves inside your mouth. Definitely worth a try. If you wish, they can wrap your choices in a pretty little bag (for extra cost).

A little gift for a dear friend from afar

Another standout of Manon is their french pastries. OMG MOTHER OF BLOG, I DARE YOU TO COME IN AND NOT WANT TO TRY EVERY SINGLE THING.

Ohai éclairs. You, me, nom-nom. LATER. ONE DAY.

I shamefully admit that I’ve only tried one item which was their “exotic” fruit tart (IDR 28.5 K) AND IT WAS MUY FANTASTICO. It’s not the usual pie base that you can find in other bakeries. The sable-crust on the bottom was thicker and tasted more buttery and crisp but still could stay firm after a bite. Their creme pattisier was a perfect companion of the berry orgy on top. Seriously these people are hardcore about the berries. There was strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, and raspberry stacked high on the pies. Freaking amazing for a fruit tartlet. In my opinion, they could just omit the cranberry. They were pretty to look at, but way too acidic.

I’ve tried some of their bread and honestly they were a bit disappointing. The first time I saw their vanilla-custard doughnut (or “beignet” as the fancy people call it)  –forgot the price, about IDR 7K; I could barely stop the saliva from running down my mouth. It turned out to be… ordinary. The doughnut tasted like fried batter of bread. The vanilla custard filling was a big miss for me. Too lumpy and starchy, like the filling you can find in cheap kue sus. The next item I tried is their chocolate doughnut (IDR 8.5 K):


It tasted exactly like fried batter dipped in chocolate. Think of J.Co doughnut on steroid. I appreciate that it wasn’t as sweet though.

Next: Chocolate madeleine (IDR 5 K)- soft, lemony, bolu-like cake with chocolate frosting:

I tried to make a ~classy picture with my Mom’s collection of mini-plates okay.

I personally don’t care much about lemony cake, but I kinda like the soft texture. It would make a great high tea item, if anyone in Indonesia still does high tea.

Next up: French pastry pie with mushroom filling (IDR 10K):

I love that the pastry puff was actually real flaky pastry and not some layered bread dough. I like the mushroom filling and the buttery crisps. Eating it was a bit messy without fork and knife, but who the heck eats pastry with a fork and a knife these days???

Since I’ve been rambling too long in this entry, I’ll save the comments about what’s inside this little handbag for the next blog.



Chocolatier & Patissier
Kelapa Nias Raya GN no. 6
Jakarta Utara
tel. 45847781


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