Manon Chocolatier & Patissier: part 2

28 Jun

Where were we?

Oh right. To reveal what’s in this box. As you can see, Momochan could barely wait as well.

For those who haven’t read part 1, click here.


Clockwise starting from the top (each IDR 6.5 K):

Gyokuro Green Tea – The green tea flavor is sharp and doesn’t taste “murahan”

Lampung Pepper – Eh, I fail to taste the pepper. Maybe it’s because I just ate a heaping mouthful of keripik padang balado beforehand.

Caramel & Bali Salt – I freaking love this praline. But then again, I’m somewhat on a caramel-frenzy right now.

Pistachio – Same thing like the Lampung Pepper (aside from the keripik balado part). I just feel that this one was too sweet and not enough pistachioey. Hoh, I’m so gonna name my next pet Pistachioey (nickname: Tachi/Chioey).

Passion fruit and coriander – I chose this one because it’s goddamn unique. Passion fruit AND coriander mixed together is like a flavor a dude thought of when he was high on weed. No lie, it’s actually very good. A bit on the super sweet side though.

I’ve had MOAR visit to Manon afterwards because I’m a compulsive eater who cannot help herself when she’s stressed out, surrounded by soulless dream-stompers and had a shitty life okay LEAVE ME ALONE it’s close from where I live.

Among the other things I’ve bought (sorry no pretty pictures):

Pistachio eclair – IDR 20 K
Sounds good on theory, looked mouthwatering on the display, fell flat once I tasted it. Let’s just say if Beard Papa’s choux pastry scores 10, Manon’s eclair is just meh, 6 or 5 (yeah, Beard Papa, other chouxes are NOT WORTHY). The pastry was dry, the filling was (AGAIN!) too sweet.

Blueberry danish-thingy (they named it a fancy French thingy) – forgot the price, around IDR 8 K
It’s nothing special.

Cinnamon roll – forgot the price, around IDR 8 K
Again, I’ve tasted better (CINNZEO’S. CINNZEO WHERE HAVE YOU GONE, WHY DO YOU LEAVE MY LIFE), and generally using pastry dough as cinnamon roll is not a good idea. I prefer bread-based cinnamon rolls because they get so fluffy with the cinnamon-y crispy edges, and smeared with cream cheese and served warm… DAMN IT CINNZEO, COOOOOME BAAAACK…

Hazelnut cookies – forgot the price, around IDR 38 K per a medium-shallow toples
Meh. Seriously. Meh. Do not like. They’re so bland, I ended up smearing chocolate coating on top of those cookies to add more flavor.

To sum it all, basically Manon is a unique bakery in Kelapa Gading. Their macarons are pretty tasty, and their pralines selection is impressive. They still need to work on their bread and cold pastries though, and they will be just perfect. Also, I noticed they have an espresso machine ready and I cannot wait for their coffee drinks.

EDIT (13 July ’11)

Yeaaaaah I went there a couple more times for more noms:

Blueberry cheesecake (IDR 28.5 K/ slice) – um… personally it’s not on my list of favorite blueberry cheesecake. I prefer my cheesecake to be on the creamy side, and theirs was lemony-cheesy.

Chicken pie (IDR 15K) – THIS WAS AWESOME. I should’ve put this on the toaster for a few minutes but I didn’t (hunger consumed me), because the pie crust had some serious buttery-crisp potential. The filling was creamy, rich, and full of succulent chicken pieces.

Crunchy Chocolate Cake (IDR 28.5 K/ slice) – All of the layers except the bottomest one was nothing new to me. It was delicious, but I’ve eaten too much tasty chocolate ganache cakes so theirs was not that impressive. The “crunchy” bottom layer was tasty but it got disintegrated with the rest of the layer once I cut the cake with a fork. Still, this item was one of the best of their selection of cold pastries.

Hot Caramel Latte (IDR 17 K) – I’m a huge coffee lover and it did not hit the mark at all. The latte needed more coffee because it tasted like a diluted, watered-down latte.


Speaking of cheap lattes in Kelapa Gading, DITCH STARBUCKS. Home Made Bakery, the one located in the backwaters of Gading Kirana (just across the bridge from The Kew — seriously it doesn’t get more backwater than that) serves the best coffee with half of Starbucks’ price. Their caramel latte is my favorite because their coffee is so aromatic and packs serious coffee punch for only IDR 17K. I had a scuffle with the waitress there once because damn bitch didn’t put any caramel syrup in my latte. I was taking it to go and realized the caramel-less situation en route and had to drive back there to politely demand that I have what I ordered, only to have the damn waitress persisted “I PUT SYRUP IN THERE!!!” with pouty face & stompy feet like I just stole her ugg boyfriend. BITCH I DIDN’T DRIVE BACK IF THERE WAS ANY CARAMEL FLAVOR IN THERE OK, STFU. This incident would have deterred me to come in that place again, if only their coffee wasn’t so so so good. Damn her.

Chocolatier & Patissier
Kelapa Nias Raya GN no. 6
Jakarta Utara
tel. 45847781


6 Responses to “Manon Chocolatier & Patissier: part 2”

  1. blacksophie June 30, 2011 at 6:21 am #

    wow.. great review..

    • viya July 5, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

      i love the blueberry cheese cake, cheese cake factory lewat,…. but for the chocolate i just can say sorry…. masih belum layak jual… coklatnya lokal abis padahal harga interlokal loh ;)…. dari 6 yang gw beli semuanya gw coba… tapi cuma kemakan 1 ujung kecil… tempat ok lah… tapi blm bisa buat kongkowwww…

      • Tephy July 6, 2011 at 7:38 am #

        hahaha emangnya nyoba praline-nya yang mana aja?
        Everything was indeed too sweet and dipegang di tangan aja udah pada meleleh, but I do appreciate the generous filling (especially the caramel-filled one).

        Blueberry cheesecake-nya malah gw blom nyoba soalnya:
        1. MAHAL
        2. Keliatannya padet bgt gitu, takut machtig alias eneg. udah pernah nyoba blueberry cheesecake-nya Cizz (homebase di Bdg tp denger2 mereka buka lapak di MOI)? That’s pretty much my yardstick in judging cheesecakes LOL.

  2. blacksophie June 30, 2011 at 6:27 am #

    everyday i drive my car past that Manon thing and always have a “lets go there” pop-up in my mind but i never stoped.
    Just read ur review bout thiz.. and heemmm i think im gonna give a visit, givin pleasures to my food-fetish eyes and buy some.

  3. Cal September 20, 2011 at 1:08 am #

    I love the chocolate pie, macaroons and pizza bread from manon too!


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