Seoul Garden

28 Jun

I’ve been raving about this place in my Twitter feed for a while.
In fact, now every time I’m in MKG 3’s food court (“The Food Sensation”) I always end up ordering from their stall. It took me awhile to blog about them because almost every time I forgot to take picture of this dish pre-mixing.

The set (IDR 40 K — normal price, but they’re having an opening discount until I dunno when) came with barley tea and a bowl of kimchi soup. I tried ordering the bibimbap only without the set, but they said the price would still be the same.

It’s a satisfying bowl of food that I loooooove. I repeatedly tried to NOT eat the whole bowl (girls’ bad habit to make us feel less guilty for having such a big meal) but such feat so far has been impossible to achieve. Once I mixed the whole thing up, every morsel was so tasty; it seemed such a waste to leave it uneaten.

So far I’ve been ordering the same thing from Seoul Garden, but I’m eyeing for the rib-eye (DUN!) bulgogi and the ginseng chicken soup. I haven’t had any unpleasant experience with them so far, except maybe it does take quite a while for your meal to be ready. They basically prepare your meal a la minute and you have to stand there waiting for 5 minutes or so. One of my close friend said that the chicken bulgogi is kind of ick-nast, so to err to the side of caution I’m gonna stay away from that menu for a long time.

Seoul Garden
The Food Temptation
Mall Kelapa Gading 3, 3rd Floor
Next to KFC in the food court area.


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