Shin Men – La Piazza

6 Jul

I always remember Shin Men fondly from my amazing time in Bandung. So when I found out that they opened a stall in my usual haunting place, La Piazza; I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to try it again.

I finally got my fix one Wednesday morning-ish when I was on leave. They share dining place with some other tenants in the spacious area just beside La Piazza’s main entry, just right in front of Sour Sally.

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I ordered their specialty: Shin Men Special Ramen with Shin Men soup (there’s a choice of miso, shoyu, and Shin Men soup– a sort of hakata-based broth).

Topping: a slice of braised chicken thigh (yeaaaa they only serve halal ramen), braised shoyu egg, spicy chicken, a piece of fish cake, and slices of spring onions & black-eared mushroom. I really forgot the price, I think it’s around IDR 42 K, but they were giving a 25% opening discount.

To be completely honest… I don’t like it. The soup was too machtig, I feel I was drinking emulsified chicken fat (which is ick-nast). I think they should stop over-braising to produce a more balanced soup. The whole too-fatty soup kind of ruined the whole other elements, which was a shame because their chicken slice was wonderfully tender, the noodles were wonderful, and their spicy chicken was kind of okay-ish.

I really don’t know if I will come back again, but I remember their miso-based soup was tasty; so maybe I’ll come for that. Anyway, the ambiance of the shared dining place was quite cozy. There are some cushy sofas with electrical sockets nearby to plug your laptop. I did and found that Smartfren’s EVDO connection in La Piz was muy fantastico. I spent about 3 hours there to finish my download. Then of course since everything in this world is too good to be true… a group of asshole bastards around me started chainsmoking. I couldn’t haul my ass fast enough. Damn, what a shame.

RANDOM NOTE: OMG I AM BEYOND OBSESSED RN WITH HISTORY’S TOP SHOT (History Channel is on ch 206 for all of you Indovision subscribers) – on Thursday nights!!!! MILITARY MEN + GUNS = AWWWWWH RAWR. I’m rooting for Ashley (those tats… they’re so awesome I can’t even) and Joe (silent killer, and so so so cute :3 ). I’m so obssessed I am considering to download the whole season from iTunes. What kills me is that I have no one to squee with; at work, at BBM, WHEREVER. I need some new friends.


5 Responses to “Shin Men – La Piazza”

  1. rudi July 13, 2011 at 6:15 am #

    saya jg pernah makan ShinMen Special & Gyu chasu tp saya saran kan lebih enak di campur pake potongan negi/bawang putih & potongan cabe biar ga terlalu kerasa banget kuah ayam nya, itu pasti lebih enak deh? selamat mencoba……

  2. Amelia Wirogo December 18, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    sama hakata jauh banget ya teph? wkwkw hola apa kabar…ude lama nga mampir blog lo. hehe..

    • Tephy December 20, 2011 at 10:48 am #

      Hakata bentar lagi buka di Gading Mel 😀

      Gw udh mau bela2in cuti daripada gw kudu ngantri kayak ngantri busway kayak di Pluit sana. Sumprit gw udh ngidam ramen PARAH sejak Sanpachi dodol itu tiba2 TUTUP kios yg di Mall Artha Gading.

      • Amelia Wirogo December 21, 2011 at 3:43 am #

        iye gue ude liat dr 3 minggu lalu, gede banget ya 2 lt gituh..lbih gede dr yang d pluit punya kayanya.

        bagus gue daerah utara sini, masi ada sanpachi d pluit, walau gue nga doyan jga sih..nga ngaruh hiks. eh sanpachi ada di PP kan tuh…


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