Eaton – Kelapa Gading

11 Aug

I’ve been coming in to Eaton Kelapa Gading almost every weekend this past month. The place itself is not that special or overly comfortable, but it’s sufficient. It’s 100% indoors with AC so I can safely plug my laptop and enjoy their free wi-fi. The most important thing is that I won’t be disturbed by persistent buskers (pengamen) or middle-aged ibu-ibu selling snacks with beggy-face (“Ci, bantuin saya lah, beli ya? ya? ya? ya? ya?”) who frequent rukos in Kelapa Gading Boulevard. The place is always packed with large groups of family every lunch time, and sometimes I feel bad for dominating a whole section by myself, but heeeeyyyy *demi download Top Shot*.

Review & pics after the cut >>>

My absolute fave is Kwetiauw Penang (with special order to make it extra hot) – around IDR 36 K after taxes.

Definitely worth coming back for.

Some other things that I’ve tried here just didn’t come to par. Their Mie Angsio Sapi with Wonton is just… pleh. It does look yummy here but the texture of the noodle is just too soft and I like noodles with a little elasticity and bite.  Their Ifumie was OK (a tad too much MSG tho), but the portion was way too big for one person but I finished it anyway. Sometimes to make me even fatter spice things up I ordered vegetables: Pocai Bawang Putih (IDR 21 K after taxes); or snacks: Lumpia Mayonnaise (IDR 21 K after taxes) which were also very tasty.

If you crave for something sweet then you’re in luck because the bakery is in the same spot. Their cakes are legen–wait for it–dary for its airy-like fluffiness. I love their matcha steam cake and tiramisu, but my #1 fave is their coconut cookies (IDR 20 K per pack). They’re seriously moreish and crunchy and thin. It’s like they put crack in it.

To sum it all, the food in the restaurant are good (although STAY AWAY FROM THE MIE ANGSIO SAPI) and a tad expensive. Their bakery however is top notch and the prices are reasonable. One thing I hate about the place is the PARKING. It’s a mess. The ruko is located just right next to Kelapa Nias – Boulevard intersection therefore be prepared to be cursed by oncoming traffic as you try to squeeze in/out of the tetris block of parked cars especially if you arrive/leave during busy hours.

Bakery & Restaurant
Bulevar Utara Kelapa Gading Blok QA-I No.3-4
Kelapa Gading – Jakarta Utara
tel 021 450 1515


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