Mie Sinar Rejeki

11 Aug

BEHOLD: My #1 noodle of the moment.

I freaking love this noodle. Obviously the naming of the size choices is a bit sexist (LARGE = “Porsi cowok–boys’ portion “; MEDIUM = “porsi cewek –girls’ portion”) but hey no1curr if your noodle is this good. I feel bad for boys who happen to have small appetite and  get stuck ordering the girly-portion out of embarrassment though, because the boys’ portion is HUGE.

Review and pics after the cut>>>

My usual order is the Mie Cewek Special Pangsit – IDR 22 K: homemade noodle topped with four (!!!FOUR!!!) kinds of toppings (sweet and salty chicken mince, pork charsiu, and salty pork mince) and wontons. I think the crispy wonton bits are unnecessary, but I guess they watched too much MasterChef and wanted to add more ~~~texture to the dish. I’m telling you, I get the bad shakes when I go for weeks without eating it. They also made tasty “golden balls” (HA!) a.k.a. fried prawn & pork meatballs for IDR 3K each.

They open from early mornings to 3 PM only. Don’t be a noob like me who wake up at 2 PM on a weekend and got there at 4 PM. I still remember the heartbreak after hearing the dreaded words “Udah tutup Mbak.” If you don’t mind slightly mushy noodle, they also deliver.

Mie Sinar Rejeki
Kelapa Nias Raya Blok GN 5 No. 3
(just across from Nias’ Homemade Bakery)
tel: 96348512 / 0852 10625068


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