Minilovebites Cupcake & Bake

29 Aug

Me and my office mate Shakira (not her real name but she does kinda look like Shakira) have been searching for the best cupcake in Jakarta for awhile now. I actually already have a winner in mind: it was a freebie cupcake my other office mate bought for everyone on her birthday. UGH THAT WAS “THE” CUPCAKE. ULTIMATE. SO FREAKING GOOD. She was vague about where she bought it, I think she said it was from a bakery inside Kem Chicks Pacific Place. Sorry for not taking picture of it because I was kinda absent-minded when it arrived at my desk. I was like “uh watisdis… ok let’s have a bite… DAMN WTF IS THIS WHY SO DELISHUS!” It was gooey, chocolatey, and super moist with perfect chocolate-buttercream topping. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to go to PP (DAMN YOU CAR FREE DAY, GO DIE) to have another bite.

So last week when Shakira asked me if I wanted to order cupcakes together, I was like HECK YEA. She found this cute little cupcake webstore, Minilovebites from her friend. In their website they put up an impressive menu of cupcakes from the traditional to the more avant-garde selections. Their other plus point is that THEY DELIVER. You guys can also pick up your delivery if you like to torture yourselves with Jakarta’s traffic.

For our maiden delivery we ordered the traditional flavors: half dozen (100 K + 15 K delivery charge) of red velvet and double chocolate cupcakes.

When the box arrived I was restraining myself from jumping up and down. Pity about the yellow box though. I hate yellow. But I guess it’s cute for people who doesn’t abhor yellow.

Pretty cupcake pictures after the jump!

Now down to the flavors.

They advertise their red velvet to have creamcheese frosting but it tasted more like buttercream to me. The cake itself was ok, not overly sweet and moist enough. Compared to the other red velvet I’ve eaten, I guess this one has a slight edge above the rest.

As for the double chocolate… Let me start with what they promised in their website; and I take this verbatim: “A bit goey”. Well it was dry. Boo. God killed a kitten, a unicorn just lost his horn, a rainbow just lost a band of color, vampires no longer sparkle, etc dsb dll. I call fraudulent advertising. And because of this I would probably suck up the traffic and go to Pacific Place instead if I have another craving for cupcake.

Cupcake and Bakes


3 Responses to “Minilovebites Cupcake & Bake”

  1. subsymphonika December 29, 2011 at 9:17 am #

    oh yeah! i know that deliciouso red velvet cupcake from Kem Chicks bakery. Pretty cheap too, unlike other overpriced ones 😀

  2. Deisra March 22, 2012 at 5:06 am #

    I’ve tried minilovebites and had a bad memory about the aftertaste. Bad. So bad. Just bad enough to ruin my sweet tooth craving. But I once tried cupcakes from an online store in South Jakarta named Dulcet Patisserie. Listen to me………. THEY HAVE THE BEST CUPCAKES I’ve ever tasted. Really. Even my friend said that this one is better than Georgetown Cupcakes or other cupcakes in USA. And this Dulcet Patisserie promised a lowfat and less sugar bakes (they sell cakes and pies too). The flavor I tried was red velvet and banana nutella cupcakes. Crazy. Just crazy. (If i’m not mistaken their Twitter acc is @dulcet_pats)

    • sandra October 28, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

      i’ve tasted cupcakes from mini love bites too but dont really remember the flavor. i’ve tried some from serradella, cupcakes co, nuria’s kitchen, lee’s.. they have some of the best cupcakes i’ve tried.. i love serradella’s vanilla cupcake but the icing was too sweet, nuria’s kitchen ferrero & nutella cupcakes were too die for! i also couldnt resist cupcakes co’s rainbow cupcakes and lee’s red velvet 🙂

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