I wrote this not just because of the traffic jams

15 Dec

WARNING: It’s going to be tl;dr. SAVE YOURSELVES NOW.

At first I really really really don’t want to write about the issue no matter how intense my ~feelings are about it. You know, it’s classy to only speak good things about the departed and so on & so forth. Actually, I did tweet about this issue in 7 or so concise posts and I thought that was it; that I had finally let everything out. As it turned out, THE UNIVERSE threw me a curveball tonight that made my bloggin’ juices a-flowing and when the universe called; you just can’t dodge it away.

So today; stuff was pretty light at the office (calm before the storm) so I was able to get out on 7-ish (instead of 8.30). I normally don’t want to drive home at that hour because the traffic is still pretty crazy and I like driving on an empty road (usually starts on 8.30-ish).

Basically the road that they blocked is narrow (2-lines only), very heavily commuted, LOTS of U-turns and on top of that it is also a Transjakarta route. It stretches from East to the Northernmost tip of Jakarta and is the main access for big vehicles & truck to reach the harbor. Got the idea of how important this street is?


So imagine my WRATH when I read about what the kids from this VERY REPUTABLE AND SERIOUS UNIVERSITY *sneeze* did on 6 PM in the middle of that road today. Cliff note: they blocked the road as a tribute to Dead Guy. Apparently this was supposed to be a ~~~peaceful tribute to him, who has done blablablablabla (I really dunno what he did btw except setting himself on fire and killing himself in the process) for this country.

Their dumbass ~~~~~~~tribute caused a MASSIVE traffic jam; not just to the stretch of the road that they occupied; but basically to THE WHOLE STRETCH OF THE ROUTE. I read about the dumbassery in Twitter so I entered the highway and exited in Pulomas (thinking that I’ve passed the foolery) only to have my car STUCK after just 500 metres because the jam had snaked on. %$%^$&!@#%$!

The extra 30 minutes I spent NOT MOVING in my car made me think about the medium-sized picture (I’m not eloquent enough to analyze the ~big picture; I don’t have a Master’s degree :p). Surely there must be some good things that could came out of Indo student’s movement in the streets? They were a huge part of the 1998 movement who toppled the Indonesian dictatorship (*sneeze* or so they told us) by basically doing the exact same thing. Most of Indonesians were supportive of those bunch of young kids who had the balls to say things that all others were afraid to say; and who dared to desecrate the so-called symbol of oppression by ransacking the MPR Building & all. At the time, they looked so badass instead of dumbass.

So what’s changed?

What’s the difference between the youth of 1998 with the dumbasses that I & THOUSANDS of commuters cursed (my curse: is for any of them to NEVER get a decent job) tonight? In my medium-sized picture analysis: PLENTY.

Let’s get number one out of the way: Giving a tribute that consists of blocking a major road, vandalizing a bus shelter, and polluting the air by burning rubber tires in the MIDDLE of said road for a dude who (I think) miscalculated his stunt queen act by burning himself is pretty telling of how their thought process works. LIKE seriously. The acts speak for themselves. It is in no way a representative of how 99% of Indonesians think and feel and to have those kids co-opt the words “WE DID THIS FOR THE INDONESIAN PEOPLE!!!!” is pretty insulting to everyone’s intelligence.

Number two: Back then in 1998; there was legit feeling of fear when a person say or do anything that represented the true feelings of every one. I think back then you could be ~~missing if you were caught saying so much as “TVRI IS BORING Y’ALL!” The people who spoke up back then truly had something to lose and they still spoke no matter what. I think that’s probably why I still have a soft spot for Amien Rais and Gus Dur (RIP) no matter how cray they were later on. (Fat Lady however; has depleted my goodwill) THEY were badass; and the original students who dared to support them were brave souls. On the contrary; nowadays there’s this legit feeling of GROOOOAAAAANNN when Indonesians heard about a student’s rally going on somewhere. Mostly because we all know that it is a). pointless; b). usually a stunt-queen act; c). they’re mostly “pesenan orang” *wink*; d). causing more harm (TRAFFIC JAM FROM HELL) than any good.

Number three; seriously: do they think that shouting unintelligible groan-inducing oration through their speakerphone is more effective than a well-written Twitter account? I seem to remember a few Twitter accounts who were able to achieve the “politically-desired reactions” from the public regarding some hot public issues. They’re amazing btw; Indonesian politics smut is usually dirtier than a warm diaper and SMUT ALWAYS WORKS. ALWAYS.  It requires no tires to be burned (and therefore cost-efficient and eco-friendly); no spray paint to be wasted; and no risk for throat infection from screaming shit to the megaphone.

That brings me to ask the universe; why do they still do this? Couldn’t they read and write? Couldn’t they set up a Twitter account? Do they know how to put up coherent sentences? COULD THEY NOT ANNOY PEOPLE AND STILL GET THEIR POINTS ACROSS?

Like seriously. This is almost 2012. Grow up. At least use your ears to hear what people to say about your pathetic acts.
And stop labeling The Dude Who Burned Himself To Make A Point as a “hero.” GURL PLEASE. SIT THE FUCK DOWN.
I’ll leave this by putting an excerpt of my fave TV show* (that is always relevant to any situation):

“We don’t need martyrs right now. We need heroes. A hero would die for his country but he’d much rather live for it.”

     -Josiah Bartlet; speaking so much TRUTH.

I’d also prefer the hero to not cause traffic jams please.

Picture of a student in front of burned things is from here.


2 Responses to “I wrote this not just because of the traffic jams”

  1. bubbles December 15, 2011 at 10:20 pm #

    Whoring for attention seems to be their main objective. Also, this whole thing sounds awfully emo to me. Also, your quote re: martyrs, awesome. So much that. Those kids need to re think their agenda. Social-political revolution nowadays starts from social media. And certainly NOT from upsetting the public by jamming up one of Jakarta’s busiest routes.

    • Tephy December 16, 2011 at 8:26 am #

      IKR! These people really do take “YANG PENTING EKSIS!!!” motto to a whole new level of dumbness.

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