Cupcakes by Parish

21 Feb

Unrelenting in our pursuit to find the best cupcakes in Jakarta, me and my buddy Shakira ordered another batch of cupcakes from Parish . Under their cupcake package deal (IDR 110K) we got 6 cupcakes in assorted flavors in a box like thees:


The package was delivered to us with a IDR 25 K fee (I KNOW RIGHT— but kudos for the delivery dude for bracing thru the rain for the sake of cupcakeholics’ pleasure).
The cupcakes were slightly cold like it was delivered straight out a fridge. It was OK to me but it did make the texture to be slightly funky and hard-ish. But they sure did look pretty:


I ordered one chocolate cupcake with green tea frosting and a red velvet, while Shakira and another colleague Y chose two red velvets each.

I kinda like the taste as it wasn’t too sweet, but Shakira and Y thought that it was bordering on bitter. However they did appreciate the cream cheese frosting for being spot on with the sweetness and texture. I think it has a lot to do with the cold texture. I reckon if it was eaten on room temperature, it would’ve been slightly fudgy and brownie-like. WE COULDN’T CONTAIN OURSELVES OKAY.

I’ve actually had their other offerings aside from cupcakes. Had their signature Devil’s Food cake and found the chocolate fudge heavenly, but the cake texture itself weird (chewing on cake and suddenly there’s this HUGE CHUNK of unmelted chocolate blocks in my mouth and was like WTF).

Parish Cake Shop
Menteng counter phone: 021-398 31 876
Kyai Maja counter, phone: 021-720 1276



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