Manon’s Red Velvet Cake

21 Feb

Just look at this bitch. Look at it, taunting us me.


I sound like I get paid by Manon to promote their stuff, jeez. (I don’t btw, sadly)

Honestly, I found their cake selections to be slightly overpriced and not that impressive.
This red velvet cake… could be one exception. The cream cheese layer was fingerlickingly good and the cake itself is not too sweet. I do however find the moistness rather troubling because it was bordering on SOAKED. What is up with that, Maaaaan(on).

For IDR 28.5 K per slice (crying forever), it was actually okay.
If they can manage the overmoistness of the cake, it could actually be (dare I say it) the best red velvet-related stuff in Jakarta. Damn, I’m so murahan on praise yo.

Check on this and this for my previous posts(UNPAID FOREVER) on Manon okayyyy.


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