Bebek Goreng McDarmo

8 Mar

First of all…


Before tonight, I think it had been four long, barren, goddarn years since I had my Bebek Darmo fix. It is definitely one of my comfort food during my college years. And people wonder why I got fatter. It’s true tho. Every time I got so stressed out, I asked my housemates to go with me to Darmo’s. When they refused, I went by myself (tragic but true). I remember one night I was shaking for my Darmo fix, I braved through a torrential rain and drove there. That’s how much I love Darmo, even though my friends claimed other fried ducks are superior. To me, Bebek Darmo is my One and Only.

Since I graduated and moved back to Jakarta, I had failed countless times to get my fix during visits. One time, I didn’t know it has moved to Jl Belitung from its usual spot in Jl Jawa. Other times, I was too full or simply didn’t have time.

So today… After a long wait… Here it was… Pardon the blurry picture, my hand was shaking from excitement:


It’s very simple, a piece of fried duck with white rice. Underneath the fat piece of duck, there’s a pile of delicious sambal that is exactly right. Not too spicy, slightly tomatoey, and finger lickingly goooood. For IDR 19 K, this is my plate of heaven, served in a tent beside a crowded street.

Serves the best fried duck in the whole world, but also serves chicken, catfish, pigeon, and moreish greasy fried cabbage. Open from 5 PM until they run out.
Jl Belitung, in front of Taman Lalu Lintas


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