Hakata Ikkousha, Kelapa Gading

8 Mar

I’ve heard great things about Hakata Ikkousha’s ramen ever since they opened their first Indonesian branch in Pluit. I also heard about how legen—wait for it—dary Pluit’s traffic jams were, so there was no effing way would I drive all the way there even for a bowl of delicious ramen. Jakarta’s traffic jam = dealbreaker.

So imagine the state of my foodie-boner when there’s a huge banner in Kelapa Gading Boulevard saying “Hakata Ikkousha: Opening Soon.” Shit, at the time I probably looked like a tweener beholding the presence of One Direction (Louis & Harry you guise are so :3333333). The folks who were responsible for the opening must have loved pulling our foodie-dicks because they opened for like a week in December, only to close down again for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. All throughout January, the people of Kelapa Gading were embarrassingly predictable by swarming the place like zombies from The Walking Dead. I stayed the hell away from Boulevard Kelapa Gading during those times because this place caused a huge traffic jam. Parking violations errrrrywhere tbh.

I think it was on a February day when I just couldn’t take it anymore and set up a weekday dinner date with S and W. I screwed my overtime, drove like cray to Kelapa Gading, and thanks to mah buddies who were already inside (they had to queue for 15 minutes tho. ON A TUESDAY GDI) I got in immediately.

OK I know I’ve been writing tl;dr and you guys are just here to see deliciousness so here you go:


More tl;dr-ness and another pic after the cut >>>


The prices are steep for noodle in soupy broth, especially if you think like my mother (“Buset, mie doang goban lebih semangkok?! Cih!!!“). The curry and tamtam (spicy) ramen was about 45 K before tax and the original one is about IDR 35 K. They were delicious but I did find the soup way too oily. Xenical was definitely needed after this meal tbh. The yaki gyoza (IDR 35 K) were a hit and a miss. First time I went there (with the girls) they were perfect, crunchy and meaty and moreish. Second time when I went with my family, they were soggy. So, pray before you order their yaki gyoza? Ocha is refillable for IDR 12 K.

One thing that annoyed us to no end is that the place is unnecessarily loud. Not by the patrons, but there’s this dude inside whose sole job is to scream unintelligible Japanese yell for every waiters to repeat LOUDLY. This shit happens every 5 minutes. So this place is definitely not the place for you and your friends to catch up, because nothing can get through the constant barrage of rabid screaming. Maybe they did this to accelerate patron turnover? What the hell tbh. Uncool.

Hakata Ikkousha
Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok WA 2 / No. 19-20
Jakarta 14240
Open during lunch (11.30ish to 14.00) and dinner (17.00ish until closing time on 22.00) only
They don’t do deliveries, takeout, and speaking in normal human voices.
As per end of February when I was last there, they only accept cash payments only so hit your ATM beforehand


4 Responses to “Hakata Ikkousha, Kelapa Gading”

  1. Mochi-man April 20, 2012 at 6:00 pm #

    So totally true about the noisy part. I know they are trying to bring over pieces of Japanese culture in, but I’ve been to Japan and actual ramen shop in Japan is NOT THAT LOUD, okay. There is absolutely no need to make it twice as loud as how they usually do it in Japan.

  2. Wijaya Santoso August 5, 2012 at 3:42 pm #

    If you are Indonesian with most of the time speaking in mother tounge Bahasa, I would say you have an extremely good vocabulary to describe the food. It is not the food that I was Interested in, but is was they way you play around with witty words that has mesmerized me to read your review up till the end. Good work great stuff!!


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  2. Kyodai Ramen « NamakuTephy - April 23, 2012

    […] in MKG’s Food Temptation popped out, Shin-Men in La Piazza, and then of course there’s Hakata Ikkousha, and boom. Now Kyodai Ramen wants a slice of the pie. I’ve reviewed Hakata and Shin-Men in […]

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