Mie Mangkok Ayam and Setiabudi Supermarket

8 Mar

To be perfectly honest there is nothing special about this noodles. It’s very generous with toppings, but the taste is just so-so and the portion is quite small. But as they say, everything in Bandung tastes nicer :). More is the case for me as I absolutely love the supermarket complex this noodle stall belongs to.


It’s located in the corner near the parking lot, so it’s the perfect place to go people watching. I mostly go here for the experience, chatting with mah bbs while keeping a lookout for hot bule boys (there’s plenty of those here btw). I have fond memories about this place and that’s why it’s one of my must-visit place every time I go to Bandung. Prices are a bit steep. Mini-sized noodles are around 19-25 K (tax included). They also serve various hawker style food and dim sum (their fried mantou with salted egg custard — 16K, is TO DIE FOR. AMAZING).

If you’re finished with your meal you must venture inside Setiabudi Supermarket if you are like me, a supermarket lover. They carry imported goods that you may not find in any other upscale supermarkets even in Jakarta. Manon syrups, upscale artisan coffee, artisan gourmet supplies and some weird fruits. Yesterday when I was there there were a bunch of golden rambutans. Their stock is impressive and amazing. I love that supermarket sooooooo mooooshe.

Mie Mangkok Ayam
Inside Setiabudi Supermarket
Jl. Setiabudi 42-46
You absolutely cannot miss it tbh, it’s right after Cipaganti street.


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