I miss being an idealist

23 Mar

I miss being able to write something really really stupid, immature, and offensive that is snark-free; because I really really believe on the cause. If my ass gets handed to me because of it I would have the “LOL what do you expect from me, I’m young!” excuse to fall back on.

I miss having the belief that I could do ~something to change the world; even though I have no idea what that “something” is. Nowadays when people like that enter my life with the same spirit, I can’t help but scoff at them a la Rhea Durham (the fierce bitch in peach).

Weird lot, them. Should open their eyes more to reality.

I miss having a fervent discussion about stuff that used to excite me. Nowadays, listening to people arguing on whether ASEAN matters just makes me wanna stab myself with a butter knife. After stabbing them, of course. I’m not saying that it’s not important (as it IS important if I really want to go to Boracay this June—free entry!!!!), but I could find an endless list of issues that are much important than that. Jesus, just admitting that fact depresses me. (PS: things that excites me now: Real Madrid and the boys, mah future affair-accomplice Fernando Llorente, money-making schemes, cupcakes, puppies, and good quality porrrrr….n)

What the hell did I do for those three and a half years. If you haven’t wondered the same thing ever since; then you are a much better person than I am. And also a big fat liar.


Je ne regrette rien.

*Written after finished blogwalking to someone’s blog, who I remembered used to have so much passion about the stuff that I now scoff at. That person haven’t updated their blog ever since they graduated. Maybe I’m not the only one?


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