Starbucks Red Velvet Rollcake

25 Mar

First of all I would like to apologize on the poor pic quality. Damn iPad camera, I swear.


So Starbucks joined the red velvet fad by offering this red velvet roll cake. It says that the cake was slightly moistened by coffee but honestly i couldn’t taste any. The creamcheese frosting was a delight and the cake itself is not too sweet which I appreciate. The peanut-coating however… is a total dealbreaker for me. It’s horrible. Whoever thought this was a good idea… GUUUURRRRL you fail. It’s too dense, and it got stuck in my pallette and in turn, killed the whole balance. I reckon the peanuts should be crushed to avoid the catastrophe but alas…

For 28K, yeah. I wouldn’t be ordering any of it again tbh.


One Response to “Starbucks Red Velvet Rollcake”

  1. Atri April 2, 2012 at 3:04 am #

    Sama teph, gue juga bingung sama yg bikin red velvet cake tapi pake balutan kacang.
    Rasanya jadi buyar.
    Cake dengan peanut-coating yang enak itu cuma cake rhum-ya Bawean :))

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