Mie Bangka Ko Hon Toboali

27 Mar

I think I have to begin by saying that my kind of noodle is the one with lots of toppings.

Therefore this Bangka (????) style noodle is right up my alley.
Behold the beauty of a complete set of everything (dry-style noodle with tahu fukok, wonton, and… ummm…. things in the soup) for IDR 22 K:


I was first concerned upon hearing that they only serve yamien-style noodle (sweet soy syrup added to the mix) because I kind of hate it. Buuuuut at the time I was hungry keeping my minds open, and I’m glad I did because the noodle was deeeeelicious. The soy sauce wasn’t a turn off at all so there was no unnecessary sweetness to overpower the dish.

Also pictured, bakso goreng a.k.a. fried shrimp and chicken doughball (2 for IDR 12K). Also my favorite, and theirs were delicious. I would definitely come back here regularly.

Mie Bangka Ko Hon Toboali
Boulevard Raya QJ 1 no 20


One Response to “Mie Bangka Ko Hon Toboali”

  1. susan December 6, 2014 at 2:01 am #

    Ada yang tau gak, mie kohon skrg pindah kemana?

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