Because victory is sweet, like cookies

23 Apr

Since VICTORY tastes like chocolate wrapped in chocolate crunchy chewy goodness, I know I just HAD to bake some deliciousness to celebrate. I baked two batches of cookies this weekend; one adapted from Joy The Baker’s espresso and white chocolate cookies; that I now baptized as Victory Cookies (I substitute brown sugar with palm sugar; and only use like 1 cups of sugar total instead of the asked 1 1/2 — Joy has quite the sweet teef).

The golden brown cookie is VICTORY COOKIES and the darker one is the AHAHAHAHA Cookies

Recipe after the cut >>>

I went freestyling on the second one, never shying down on the chocolate. I initially wanted to use my Valhrona chocolates (Titan Baking, you’re like a nirvana for bakers); but decided to use it AFTER REAL MADRID OFFICIALLY WINS EVERYTHING *knocks on wood*. Don’t let me down, Real Madrid. Valhrona chocolates are at stake here.

Without further ado, I present you the “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cookies.” I think I’ll trademark it.

a.k.a. Double Chocolate Cookies with Chocolate Chips and Raisin
(Does that make it Triple Chocolate Cookies with Raisin? DUNCURR tbh, it still tastes like unbridled joy).

I use measuring cups and spoons for cooking now (you can find it in Titan or in ACE- in the baking section)

3/4 cup of softened unsalted butter (or like half of Orchid Butter block)
1/2 cup of dark chocolate, chopped and melted au bain marie; keep cool
1/2 cup of sugar (clear and fine Gulaku will do)
1/2 cup of palm sugar or brown sugar
2 teaspoon of vanilla extract (the liquid brown one)
1 egg yolk
1 whole egg

(PS: Don’t forget to temper every ingredients at room temperature. Get them out of the fridge +/- 30 minutes before cooking time)

Mix together (I put these ingredients in a leak-proof container and shake the bejezuz out of it):
2 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour (I use Kunci Biru)
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 teaspoon of fine salt
2 tablespoon of good quality dark cocoa powder

1 cup of chocochips (but I tend to cheat and add more :p)
1/2 cup of raisin

Around 5 minutes before you get ready to bake, turn on your oven to a 170-175 degrees Celcius. Meanwhile, place your racks on the upper part of your oven; and if your oven has the top-flame feature; TURN IT OFF.

Beat butter, sugar, and palm sugar with a mixer in a high speed for 3 minutes. Mix in the melted chocolate, mix again for 30 seconds. Make sure to scrape the bowl’s surrounding with a spatula during mixing. Add eggs and vanilla extract, mix it thoroughly until it reaches a creamy consistency.

Change the mixer attachment with the spiral-y thingy; add the flour mixture all at once; and mix until it is well-incorporated. If you don’t have the spiral-thingy attachment, fold in the flour mixture little by little using a sturdy spatula. If you plan to bake in batches, this is the time when you divide the dough and double cling-wrapped it before you put it in the freezer (would last for 2-3 months; always temper frozen batter to room temperature before baking). Mind you, this mixture will make around FORTY cookies (diameter around 6-8 cm). DO NOT PUT IN THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS AND RAISIN UNTIL YOU’RE READY TO BAKE.

Add in the chocolate chips and raisin (of course, if you’re using half of the batter, add the chips and raisins accordingly); and fold it in. Afterwards, I usually cling-wrapped my batter and put it on the freezer for 20 minutes before molding it by hand (since warm dough would melt on your hand and it’s kinda icky). Take like a pinch of dough, roll it in your hand into a ball and press it into disks. I use nonstick baking pan so no grease/ baking sheets needed, but if you’re using the regular baking pan don’t forget to use baking sheets.

Bake it for 12-15 minutes. I find that baking at exactly 14 minutes would result in a chewy, soft cookies with crunchy exteriors. When I get adventurous, I bake at 16-17 minutes (KEEPING A HIGH ALERT THO & TURNING THE OVEN LIGHTS ON & PATROLING IN FRONT OF THE OVEN LIKE PIPPO WAITING OUT FOR HIS IMAGINARY MOUSE TO CRAWL OUT OF THE CUPBOARD) to get that crunchy and slightly toasty cookies. Beware for those who use those darker/black baking tray because it tend to BURN cookies.

Transfer cookies to a cooling rack, and wait until completely cooled down before storing. Will last for around 4-5 days but seriously? When I take it to the office it will not see the end of the day.




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