Kyodai Ramen

23 Apr


As usual, Kelapa Gading’s food scene is so predictable. Started with Ramen Sanpachi in Artha Gading (they’ve moved to Sunter now tho —- WHY. WHY. PORQUE. WHY MUST THEY PUSH ME OUT OF KELAPA GADING TO EAT.), and then Ajisen Ramen in MKG’s Food Temptation popped out, Shin-Men in La Piazza, and then of course there’s Hakata Ikkousha, and boom. Now Kyodai Ramen wants a slice of the pie. I’ve reviewed Hakata and Shin-Men in this blog before; meanwhile I have eaten Ajisen before but wasn’t so impressed. Price-wise, all of them are still trying to reach deep into our pockets; with no ramen priced below IDR 40 K/bowl. But now let’s talk about Kyodai Ramen.


MOAR >>>

The beauty you see above is their Tonkotsu Ramen. I specifically asked them to make the spicy version of it. As usual, the Japanese (outside of Sanpachi’s crazy hot Jigoku Ramen) has a different threshold to spiciness and therefore my ramen was only delicately hot. For flaming lips aficionados, no worries since they also provide freshly-crushed bird-eye chilli in every table. For now they only serve large bowl, priced IDR 45 K outside tax and service.

Dare I say it? Dare I?

Well. I think FOR NOW; Kyodai deserves a win in this ongoing ramen wars. Their soup was laden with PORKINESS but wasn’t oily at all. If anything, they were almost milky-sweet despite my request to spice it up. The Fukuoka-style noodle was soft and springy and fantastic. They also added horenzo spinach, soy tamago, and bamboo shots (which I don’t really care much but to me it wasn’t as offensive).My friend W ordered the miso ramen and it came with curly noodles; and she said it was okay. Mind you, she went to school in Japan and her benchmark for delish ramen is hard to beat.


Let’s talk about the sliced pork belly.

HOW. HOW DOES THE JAPANESE MANAGE TIME TO TIME TO CREATE SOMETHING SO DELICIOUSLY FATTENING WHILE KEEPING THEMSELVES SO SKINNY AND LONG-LIVED? Seriously. HOW. To me, hands down; mouths open; THIS is the best pork belly in the ramen wars. THIS roll of deliciousness single-handedly wins the ramen wars for Kyodai. The slices here weren’t too thin, so you can still feel the tender meatiness in your mouth. (I may or may not just made up the term “tender meatiness”) They also have this hint of smokiness which I If I could only eat two things for the rest of my life without getting fat/sick/miserable; I would probably choose Kyodai’s pork belly and Indomie goreng tbh. My life and my choices, smh.

For April, they’ve been handing out promo flyers (in where outside of their own stores idk because I never get any) to have two free gyozas and refillable green tea for every purchase of ramen. I’ve tried the gyoza and it was meh. Maybe I’ve been too spoiled by Chinese-style kuotie.

Overall, this place is pretty small. I think it only could cater less than 30 people at once. The waiters were quite attentive without being obnoxious UNLIKE THE OTHER RAMEN PLACE, seriously. Prices are at par with their competitors. Parking is still an issue, but you can park in La Piazza across the street.

Kyodai Ramen
Kelapa Gading Boulevard Blok LA-4, No. 8
Just across from La Piazza
Tel (021) 450-0509
Open for lunch at 11 – 2.30 PM and dinner at 5-10 PM


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