Xabi Alonso: So CLOSE and yet so far ;___;

7 Jul

Disclaimer: All of the pictures I post here are taken by me, and despite the lack of watermarking; I’d appreciate it if you notify me if you intend to use it. TYVM.

First of all thank youuuuuuu for my friend M for letting me know about this event because otherwise I would probably be that girl stalking his hotel just to get a picture. Thanks to them, I could get TONS of picture and not get arrested.

A little intro, there’s this snack company that becomes a local sponsor of Real Madrid. Pretty cool huh?
I think they helped RM build their soccer school there, and holds amazing charity events like this one. Last year they managed to get Luis Figo. This year…. XABI “OHMYGAWD I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S REAL” ALONSO was brought… with his wife.

The tickets to this stuff was pretty pricey (around USD 260 per pop for charity – and that was for the “nosebleed” seats), and I was lucky to be able to afford it. It was held in a 5-star hotel, all in all a very civilised affair…. UNTIL XABSTER SHOWED UP.

I was so thankful that I wore my 12-cm wedge shoes because that way I towered over everyone and could take unlimited amount of pictures. They wouldn’t allow us to swarm Xabster for picture, and we were ushered to a small room within the venue to take 1-on-1 picture (sponsored by the event organizer). I hate how mine turned up because my face looks (*o*) and they won’t let us take an extra one with my own camera, so boo.

I initially wanted to take my red away jersey from last season but I was afraid that it would be confiscated and get my ass thrown outside because it wasn’t the real deal. Thankfully my friend M who is like a GODDESS FROM ABOVE had one spare and gave hers to me so MITTTTAAAAAAAA I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU.

I know I’ve said that there was a huge chance that they would kick me out and tase my ass, but the second I got close to Xabster…. I FROZE. LIKE… *shake hand—and Jesus Almighty: HE SMELLED NICE* “XABI HI!” “HI HOW ARE YOU?!” “I’M FINE, THANK YOU FOR COMING.” “MY PLEASURE” *picture clicks* “THANK YOUUUU” and that was it. I DIDN’T EVEN GET THE THOUGHT OF “GUUURRRLL YOU GOTTA SCRUB YOUR CHEEK ON HIS GINGERY BEARD” TO FINISH PROCESSING and it was over. I’m like… IS THIS EVEN REAL.

But yep. For 1 second tonight, I shook Xabster’s palm. And it was glorious. He was glorious. HOLY SHIT I’M ABOUT TO CRY. WHY WAS IT SO FAST.

There were four girls (including me) who bonded instantly over our Xabdiction (M & me knew each other from my previous job), and these girls made me feel tame. They went batshit when Xabi & Queen Nagore showed up but thankfully no one fainted/had a nosebleed.


LMAO the EO got his name wrong on the tickets, I can’t.

This was when Xabi first showed up and I was. shaking. all. over. My camera won’t focus (probably from all the shaking) and so the light balance was a bit off.

Xabs came with lots of entourage. More attentive Madridistas, pls tell me, is this bald guy that same bald guy we’ve seen all the time in Madrid’s bench? For the life of me I couldn’t remember his name.



Look at these two. Damn, we are not worthy. And Nagore was totally “GUUUURRRRL”-ing me there for ogling her husband.

More Xabtasticness:

He gave three stuff of his to auction off: this “Campeones” shirt from this season’s celebration, next year’s jersey, and his shoes. I’m pretty sure the Campeones shirt wasn’t the original one because it did not reek of Xabeer. Boo.

After tonight, Xabi is scheduled for another charity event in the Jakarta National Monument complex in Sunday morning (there would be lots of screaming kids; so no I won’t go) and afterwards they are flying at noon to Bali for vacaciones. And nope, Nagore said Jon and Ane aren’t with them this time.

All in all, there’s not plenty of touching the Beard but he was THIS CLOSE to all of us. I want more tbh.


3 Responses to “Xabi Alonso: So CLOSE and yet so far ;___;”

  1. Jenny July 8, 2012 at 5:55 am #

    Nagore has had work done on her face!

    I’m calling it first, and I am tickled beyond words that I may have noticed before the tumblr girls did.

    (She looks stunning, of course, either way!)

    • Tephy July 8, 2012 at 3:15 pm #

      I’m thinking it’s nothing too invasive tho. Maybe a collagen fill. One thing for sure tho, she was so skinny. Like Carbonero-skinny. Gorgeous nonetheless


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