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The “R” Word

15 Jan

Lately there has been an outpour of rage directed at how our public officials view; or in this case, treat it like a punchline. (That asshole tbh)

I have no more to add in that discussion, except than to say HELL NO to that asshole becoming a Supreme Court nominee. Hell, if he has any shame at all, he should plunge himself and his ignorant ass to the nearest crater of an active volcano. Also, that if Roy Suryo (now a serious bidness MINISTER; God help us all) have any spare time from doing serious youth-stuff, he should look into Asshole’s laptop. Bet there’s plenty of BDSM kinky stuff in there for someone to lightly “joke” about rape victims like he did.

The other day Ines put up a link to Xiaxue’s blog (nope, won’t link her blog) about this rape case and her (XX, not Ines) take on this. I often say that while I used to admire XX’s trolling ways, that girl could be a dumbass ignorant sometimes and I can’t with this FAIL attempt at being edgy. This is one of the instance when I want to yank her ratchet pink weave and tell her to have several seats because bitch, stawp you’re a disgrace. To have her write that shit in the first place is one thing, but to update the post a year later to show her sense of superiority because she felt validated is another. Seriously, that girl…

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