The “R” Word

15 Jan

Lately there has been an outpour of rage directed at how our public officials view; or in this case, treat it like a punchline. (That asshole tbh)

I have no more to add in that discussion, except than to say HELL NO to that asshole becoming a Supreme Court nominee. Hell, if he has any shame at all, he should plunge himself and his ignorant ass to the nearest crater of an active volcano. Also, that if Roy Suryo (now a serious bidness MINISTER; God help us all) have any spare time from doing serious youth-stuff, he should look into Asshole’s laptop. Bet there’s plenty of BDSM kinky stuff in there for someone to lightly “joke” about rape victims like he did.

The other day Ines put up a link to Xiaxue’s blog (nope, won’t link her blog) about this rape case and her (XX, not Ines) take on this. I often say that while I used to admire XX’s trolling ways, that girl could be a dumbass ignorant sometimes and I can’t with this FAIL attempt at being edgy. This is one of the instance when I want to yank her ratchet pink weave and tell her to have several seats because bitch, stawp you’re a disgrace. To have her write that shit in the first place is one thing, but to update the post a year later to show her sense of superiority because she felt validated is another. Seriously, that girl…

Needless to say I stopped reading her blog right after because there is no way I would champion someone as ignorant as that.

There is so much shade I want to throw at her the first time I read that post (which was long ago) but the rage soon passed and I forgot (typical of me tbh). Now that the post recurred and there’s an open laptop in front of me, so here goes nothing.

There are some things I am actually scared to write about in this blog; and “rape” was actually number one in that list. Not that I don’t have anything to say about it; it’s because I feel that I am not nearly an acceptable enough writer to compose about something so disturbing, so vile, and so rampant without cheapening the subject. I know that I would do such disservice to the plight of (sadly) too many women. I imagine that they would side-eye the fuck at my attempt and say “Bitch shut up, you’re not helping.” I would be like Peregrin Took in the mines of Moria. A disaster. And I know I would regret it.

Then there came Xiaxue; and I am sorry for all serious female activists everywhere but here comes my attempt in advocating for y’all because that girl bruised my eyeballs so hard from so much eye-rolling. Sorry if I become Peregrin Took in the mines of Moria (and you guys are like… you know, the rest of the Fellowship soon to be swarmed by orcs and goblin because of my not-helping) with this post but I JUST CAN’T HOLD IT BACK ANY LONGER.

Where do I begin.
First off, let’s talk about her 1st post about the subject. Granted my eyes were probably half-closed from all the side-eye as I read it so my comprehension might be a little shady, but here’s what I got. Basically she posited that because the Alleged-Rapist is cute, and that he got along (and had consensual sex) with Alleged-Victim before said rape; then there is NO WAY it was rape (she even painstakingly and extensively collected bits and pieces of facts that support this argument). Apparently someone told her that no previously-nice people and DEFINITELY no cute guys could ever, EVER be rapists. I also remember her heavily nudging that the Alleged-Victim was a bule-chaser so HAHAHAHA she got what came for her and I was like… This bitch. Don’t get me started with her foolproof and 100% scientific “WOULD YOU SLEEP WITH THIS DUDE” test to prove rapistability because yeah. There are no words.

Regardless of all the revelations that came a year later, her immature shade towards the Alleged Victim (AV) is sickening. Yes, AV is also doing a disservice to women by pranking an already delicate justice system and she should be severely punished for that; but what XX did is as damaging. First off, she heavily insinuated that AV was indeed easy and that “rape” should be a foregone endgame for someone like her. Now how is that different from the dumbass clerics (I can’t with them and they should join Asshole in plunging themselves into an active volcano) who claimed that women who wear dresses with cleavage deserve to be raped? Ditto for those claiming that drunk women in bars could only have themselves to blame for all the harassment they receive during their black-out state because LOL who told you to be shit-faced drunk and gropeable??!! NO ONE DESERVES RAPE. NOBODY. For real. As I write the previous sentence I imagine the faces of people I hate, and came to the realization that even though I hate them still, I could sincerely say that I don’t want anything even close to rape happening to them (maybe repeated papercuts tbh). This is ~deep even for me yo.

Seriously, women and girls already have it hard as it is. For XX to write it in the first place and then a year later come up with an update that basically say “HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA I TOLD YOU BITCHES I WAS RIGHT!!!!! BOW” is incredibly immature because she just. can’t. get. it. I fully endorse the rage directed at her btw because I believe by posting the update she still does not get how victimizing rape victim is NEVER okay. Not even when in the end the victim was never victimized in the first place because you will never know. Hindsight is 20/20 but in real life, you will never know. I find it disheartening that she quickly employed the “not guilty until proven otherwise” principle to the Alleged-Rapist but was so quickly to employ the “you’re a bule-chaser so girl don’t cry wolf” principle to Alleged-Victim.

As I am writing this I sort of hear a part of me saying to myself “Gurl please you shame these girls all the time in this blog so maybe you should sit down.”

In the end, this post is unilaterally presented to you by Me and That Nagging Voice Inside My Head; because in the end we both agreed that at least I, even in my shittiest-talk moment; would never ever treat and write about rape as if it was a joke. Dumb girls who think that their looks alone would carry them through life are fair game.



If I could allow myself a moment of grandstanding in this instance, let it be that.

Also if one day I decide to bleach my hair and dye it pink; please stawp me, tackle me to the ground, and yank my weave or whatever; because apparently doing so would make one irretrievably dumb.

PS: There was this “Law & Order: SVU” episode that perfectly describe how dangerous and how EASY it was to make prejudices about a rape case and to this day it remains the most profound, intriguing, and the most frustrating episode for me. The ending when they left it all hanging was… perfect. Go find it in your iTunes or wait for it to re-air in Fox.


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