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The “R” Word

15 Jan

Lately there has been an outpour of rage directed at how our public officials view; or in this case, treat it like a punchline. (That asshole tbh)

I have no more to add in that discussion, except than to say HELL NO to that asshole becoming a Supreme Court nominee. Hell, if he has any shame at all, he should plunge himself and his ignorant ass to the nearest crater of an active volcano. Also, that if Roy Suryo (now a serious bidness MINISTER; God help us all) have any spare time from doing serious youth-stuff, he should look into Asshole’s laptop. Bet there’s plenty of BDSM kinky stuff in there for someone to lightly “joke” about rape victims like he did.

The other day Ines put up a link to Xiaxue’s blog (nope, won’t link her blog) about this rape case and her (XX, not Ines) take on this. I often say that while I used to admire XX’s trolling ways, that girl could be a dumbass ignorant sometimes and I can’t with this FAIL attempt at being edgy. This is one of the instance when I want to yank her ratchet pink weave and tell her to have several seats because bitch, stawp you’re a disgrace. To have her write that shit in the first place is one thing, but to update the post a year later to show her sense of superiority because she felt validated is another. Seriously, that girl…

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18 Sep


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Protected: Shayla

1 Sep

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Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

30 Aug

WARNING: Adult Content. By continuing, you have acknowledged that you are of legal age.

For bb darlings…

Also: I lied. This would read more as RAGEY BLURBS

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LATE Liveblogging: Miss Indonesia 2012

28 Apr

Judge Judy, The Teller of Absolute Truths

LMAO I started tuning in almost 3/4 way thru so I missed all the EXTRAVAGAAAAANZAAAAAA a.k.a. cheap-looking fillers. I think I got lucky. Was briefly thinking about not doing it at all but after you read my first paragraph, I think you will get why I finally posted this stuff. Seriously, this show was so WRONG. But in a hilarious way. Basically if something is so wrong in so many levels, but is harmless, doesn’t cost you any money anyway, and make you laugh annually, IT NEEDS TO CONTINUE. So if anything, THANK YOU RCTI and Miss Indonesia for making me laugh so hard after such difficult times. I changed my mind after the FLOP GIRLS opened their mouths. Continue reading to see why I changed my mind: THIS PAGEANT NEEDS TO GTFO.

Here we goooo…AFTER THE JUMP!!!
(Warning: pretty GIF-heavy)

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I wrote this not just because of the traffic jams

15 Dec

WARNING: It’s going to be tl;dr. SAVE YOURSELVES NOW.

At first I really really really don’t want to write about the issue no matter how intense my ~feelings are about it. You know, it’s classy to only speak good things about the departed and so on & so forth. Actually, I did tweet about this issue in 7 or so concise posts and I thought that was it; that I had finally let everything out. As it turned out, THE UNIVERSE threw me a curveball tonight that made my bloggin’ juices a-flowing and when the universe called; you just can’t dodge it away.

So today; stuff was pretty light at the office (calm before the storm) so I was able to get out on 7-ish (instead of 8.30). I normally don’t want to drive home at that hour because the traffic is still pretty crazy and I like driving on an empty road (usually starts on 8.30-ish).

Basically the road that they blocked is narrow (2-lines only), very heavily commuted, LOTS of U-turns and on top of that it is also a Transjakarta route. It stretches from East to the Northernmost tip of Jakarta and is the main access for big vehicles & truck to reach the harbor. Got the idea of how important this street is?


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Preach Your Crazy, Girl

8 Nov

I stopped blogging for months now because every time I reread the drafts I made, it always dawns on me that I am a crazy person. (that, and the fact that I don’t write very well. NUMBERS AND BALANCE SHEETS HAVE CORRUPTED ME).

Today I’m gonna make an exception because seriously, word needs to get out.

I usually don’t mind crazy people spreading their sick-twisted minds & philosophy in the internet; because 1). It’s the internet; 2). It takes one crazy person to know one; 3). I find crazy people amazing and it creates an opportunity for me to unleash my A+ troll-game; and 4). IT’S THE INTERNET. Therefore it takes a really really really REALLY sick individual with a truly disgusting view of EVERYTHING to make me come out of hiding and write about them. So let me introduce Mrs. Rachmi Supangab to the wilderness.

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