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The “R” Word

15 Jan

Lately there has been an outpour of rage directed at how our public officials view; or in this case, treat it like a punchline. (That asshole tbh)

I have no more to add in that discussion, except than to say HELL NO to that asshole becoming a Supreme Court nominee. Hell, if he has any shame at all, he should plunge himself and his ignorant ass to the nearest crater of an active volcano. Also, that if Roy Suryo (now a serious bidness MINISTER; God help us all) have any spare time from doing serious youth-stuff, he should look into Asshole’s laptop. Bet there’s plenty of BDSM kinky stuff in there for someone to lightly “joke” about rape victims like he did.

The other day Ines put up a link to Xiaxue’s blog (nope, won’t link her blog) about this rape case and her (XX, not Ines) take on this. I often say that while I used to admire XX’s trolling ways, that girl could be a dumbass ignorant sometimes and I can’t with this FAIL attempt at being edgy. This is one of the instance when I want to yank her ratchet pink weave and tell her to have several seats because bitch, stawp you’re a disgrace. To have her write that shit in the first place is one thing, but to update the post a year later to show her sense of superiority because she felt validated is another. Seriously, that girl…

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This poor girl right now…

14 Dec

I have been so out of the loop from the pageant world; I didn’t even remember that Miss Universe 2012 is underway (although unlike previous years, this year i really duncurr).  Wouldn’t even be alerted if Atri did not tweet me this:

Full reaction after the cut >>>>

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1 Sep

As the neighbors’ house assistants (alias pembantu) started coming back from their hometowns, one of mine has not.

She has been in our family since I was a baby and my mom is 100% dependent on her superb multitasking ability. Apparently she’s been tangled up in her hometown because of — wait for it — BOY PROBLEM.

A husband problem, exactly.

Here’s my mom’s cliffnote version of the events: My maid’s husband; being left by his wife WHO EARNS MONEY FOR HIM WHILE HE SITS ON HIS ASS EVERYDAY, had impregnated some girl. He got kicked out of the house by my maid’s mother (YOU GO ABUELA!), but apparently my maid (bless her) still wants him back.

That story alone could make for a rating-juggernaut FTV series, but that’s not what my blog post will be about.

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Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

30 Aug

WARNING: Adult Content. By continuing, you have acknowledged that you are of legal age.

For bb darlings…

Also: I lied. This would read more as RAGEY BLURBS

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I miss being an idealist

23 Mar

I miss being able to write something really really stupid, immature, and offensive that is snark-free; because I really really believe on the cause. If my ass gets handed to me because of it I would have the “LOL what do you expect from me, I’m young!” excuse to fall back on.

I miss having the belief that I could do ~something to change the world; even though I have no idea what that “something” is. Nowadays when people like that enter my life with the same spirit, I can’t help but scoff at them a la Rhea Durham (the fierce bitch in peach).

Weird lot, them. Should open their eyes more to reality.

I miss having a fervent discussion about stuff that used to excite me. Nowadays, listening to people arguing on whether ASEAN matters just makes me wanna stab myself with a butter knife. After stabbing them, of course. I’m not saying that it’s not important (as it IS important if I really want to go to Boracay this June—free entry!!!!), but I could find an endless list of issues that are much important than that. Jesus, just admitting that fact depresses me. (PS: things that excites me now: Real Madrid and the boys, mah future affair-accomplice Fernando Llorente, money-making schemes, cupcakes, puppies, and good quality porrrrr….n)

What the hell did I do for those three and a half years. If you haven’t wondered the same thing ever since; then you are a much better person than I am. And also a big fat liar.


Je ne regrette rien.

*Written after finished blogwalking to someone’s blog, who I remembered used to have so much passion about the stuff that I now scoff at. That person haven’t updated their blog ever since they graduated. Maybe I’m not the only one?


Protected: dammit bon iver you troll

17 Feb

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