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I wrote this not just because of the traffic jams

15 Dec

WARNING: It’s going to be tl;dr. SAVE YOURSELVES NOW.

At first I really really really don’t want to write about the issue no matter how intense my ~feelings are about it. You know, it’s classy to only speak good things about the departed and so on & so forth. Actually, I did tweet about this issue in 7 or so concise posts and I thought that was it; that I had finally let everything out. As it turned out, THE UNIVERSE threw me a curveball tonight that made my bloggin’ juices a-flowing and when the universe called; you just can’t dodge it away.

So today; stuff was pretty light at the office (calm before the storm) so I was able to get out on 7-ish (instead of 8.30). I normally don’t want to drive home at that hour because the traffic is still pretty crazy and I like driving on an empty road (usually starts on 8.30-ish).

Basically the road that they blocked is narrow (2-lines only), very heavily commuted, LOTS of U-turns and on top of that it is also a Transjakarta route. It stretches from East to the Northernmost tip of Jakarta and is the main access for big vehicles & truck to reach the harbor. Got the idea of how important this street is?


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Remembering Cikeusik

9 Feb


I’m sure by now you’ve heard about THIS LYNCHING + ATTEMPT AT GENOCIDE, correcto?

Well, here’s some example of how our “immoral” and “kafir” fellow behaved in dealing with lynching and racial or religion-based murders:

Mulugeta Seraw case (1988)

WHAT: Some white-supremacist douches claiming they were simply doing their civic duty by killing an Ethiopian man. For what? For being black.

AFTERMATH: Lawyers succesfully sued those douches (and their organization, the aptly named White Aryan Resistance) for a total US$ 12.5 million. WAR declared bankruptcy, and all of their assets were sold to make payments. The douche who did the killing still make payments to the deceased family.

Michael Donald (1981)

WHAT: Some KKK assholes lynched a 20-year old black dude… for being black.

AFTERMATH: The Southern Poverty Law Center (it’s like the Lembaga Bantuan Hukum in here, but with balls) brought a wrongful death suit on behalf of Beulah Mae Donald, the deceased’s mom. The Klan was hit with a $7 million wrongful-death verdict in the case.The settlement bankrupted the United Klans of America (POETIC JUSTICE). The Donald family was given the deed to the UKA meeting hall in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Beulah Mae Donald used the settlement to buy her first home.


So… feeling a strong punch of deja-vu yet?

A few days ago, a group of people just got attacked for believing a certain religion, by a mob of YOU KNOW WHOS (I’m sure if they investigate this seriously, they will find a solid connection with THAT GROUP and THAT POLITICAL PARTY), CAUGHT ON CAMERA, causing 3 casualties and 6 more under intensive care. I know I have sworn off writing about politics because I just don’t feel like my voice mean anything, but on this case I’m willing to make an exception.

You know what, I’m just a nobody and I know exactly what will happen if I mention THOSE PEOPLE/ORGANIZATIONS by name. Doesn’t matter that ALL OF US have seen them flaunting their organizational emblems while doing the destructions, and hearing their leaders spewing hate-fanning sermons. What made me 100% pessimistic is the fact that our leaders are also acting like nobodies. They refuse to mention those people by their names for fear of political consequences. Sadly but true, it’s because in Indonesia, there are more stupid crazy extremist assholes than level-headed sane ones. Dunno when that would change, if ever.

I don’t want to go into a long-ass diatribe, but if our country needs to be “immoral” and “kafir” just like our friends in the States to have this kind of shit prosecuted, SO BE IT.

It’s funny how the one who claims to be “With God” (God just rolled his eyes and wagged His fingers, “GURL, NO!”) can be so… evil, isn’t it?

PS: You know who should be RI1? …. I actually typed a few names (including some hybrid ubermensch like Stalin/Thatcher or Merkel/Chuck Norris), but it seems like I couldn’t find anyone or anything capable of solving the clusterfuck. That’s how much I have lost any hope for Indonesia.