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Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

30 Aug

WARNING: Adult Content. By continuing, you have acknowledged that you are of legal age.

For bb darlings…

Also: I lied. This would read more as RAGEY BLURBS

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LATE Liveblogging: Miss Indonesia 2012

28 Apr

Judge Judy, The Teller of Absolute Truths

LMAO I started tuning in almost 3/4 way thru so I missed all the EXTRAVAGAAAAANZAAAAAA a.k.a. cheap-looking fillers. I think I got lucky. Was briefly thinking about not doing it at all but after you read my first paragraph, I think you will get why I finally posted this stuff. Seriously, this show was so WRONG. But in a hilarious way. Basically if something is so wrong in so many levels, but is harmless, doesn’t cost you any money anyway, and make you laugh annually, IT NEEDS TO CONTINUE. So if anything, THANK YOU RCTI and Miss Indonesia for making me laugh so hard after such difficult times. I changed my mind after the FLOP GIRLS opened their mouths. Continue reading to see why I changed my mind: THIS PAGEANT NEEDS TO GTFO.

Here we goooo…AFTER THE JUMP!!!
(Warning: pretty GIF-heavy)

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Kyodai Ramen

23 Apr


As usual, Kelapa Gading’s food scene is so predictable. Started with Ramen Sanpachi in Artha Gading (they’ve moved to Sunter now tho —- WHY. WHY. PORQUE. WHY MUST THEY PUSH ME OUT OF KELAPA GADING TO EAT.), and then Ajisen Ramen in MKG’s Food Temptation popped out, Shin-Men in La Piazza, and then of course there’s Hakata Ikkousha, and boom. Now Kyodai Ramen wants a slice of the pie. I’ve reviewed Hakata and Shin-Men in this blog before; meanwhile I have eaten Ajisen before but wasn’t so impressed. Price-wise, all of them are still trying to reach deep into our pockets; with no ramen priced below IDR 40 K/bowl. But now let’s talk about Kyodai Ramen.


MOAR >>>

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Mie Bangka Ko Hon Toboali

27 Mar

I think I have to begin by saying that my kind of noodle is the one with lots of toppings.

Therefore this Bangka (????) style noodle is right up my alley.
Behold the beauty of a complete set of everything (dry-style noodle with tahu fukok, wonton, and… ummm…. things in the soup) for IDR 22 K:


I was first concerned upon hearing that they only serve yamien-style noodle (sweet soy syrup added to the mix) because I kind of hate it. Buuuuut at the time I was hungry keeping my minds open, and I’m glad I did because the noodle was deeeeelicious. The soy sauce wasn’t a turn off at all so there was no unnecessary sweetness to overpower the dish.

Also pictured, bakso goreng a.k.a. fried shrimp and chicken doughball (2 for IDR 12K). Also my favorite, and theirs were delicious. I would definitely come back here regularly.

Mie Bangka Ko Hon Toboali
Boulevard Raya QJ 1 no 20

Starbucks Red Velvet Rollcake

25 Mar

First of all I would like to apologize on the poor pic quality. Damn iPad camera, I swear.


So Starbucks joined the red velvet fad by offering this red velvet roll cake. It says that the cake was slightly moistened by coffee but honestly i couldn’t taste any. The creamcheese frosting was a delight and the cake itself is not too sweet which I appreciate. The peanut-coating however… is a total dealbreaker for me. It’s horrible. Whoever thought this was a good idea… GUUUURRRRL you fail. It’s too dense, and it got stuck in my pallette and in turn, killed the whole balance. I reckon the peanuts should be crushed to avoid the catastrophe but alas…

For 28K, yeah. I wouldn’t be ordering any of it again tbh.

Hakata Ikkousha, Kelapa Gading

8 Mar

I’ve heard great things about Hakata Ikkousha’s ramen ever since they opened their first Indonesian branch in Pluit. I also heard about how legen—wait for it—dary Pluit’s traffic jams were, so there was no effing way would I drive all the way there even for a bowl of delicious ramen. Jakarta’s traffic jam = dealbreaker.

So imagine the state of my foodie-boner when there’s a huge banner in Kelapa Gading Boulevard saying “Hakata Ikkousha: Opening Soon.” Shit, at the time I probably looked like a tweener beholding the presence of One Direction (Louis & Harry you guise are so :3333333). The folks who were responsible for the opening must have loved pulling our foodie-dicks because they opened for like a week in December, only to close down again for the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. All throughout January, the people of Kelapa Gading were embarrassingly predictable by swarming the place like zombies from The Walking Dead. I stayed the hell away from Boulevard Kelapa Gading during those times because this place caused a huge traffic jam. Parking violations errrrrywhere tbh.

I think it was on a February day when I just couldn’t take it anymore and set up a weekday dinner date with S and W. I screwed my overtime, drove like cray to Kelapa Gading, and thanks to mah buddies who were already inside (they had to queue for 15 minutes tho. ON A TUESDAY GDI) I got in immediately.

OK I know I’ve been writing tl;dr and you guys are just here to see deliciousness so here you go:


More tl;dr-ness and another pic after the cut >>>

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Bebek Goreng McDarmo

8 Mar

First of all…


Before tonight, I think it had been four long, barren, goddarn years since I had my Bebek Darmo fix. It is definitely one of my comfort food during my college years. And people wonder why I got fatter. It’s true tho. Every time I got so stressed out, I asked my housemates to go with me to Darmo’s. When they refused, I went by myself (tragic but true). I remember one night I was shaking for my Darmo fix, I braved through a torrential rain and drove there. That’s how much I love Darmo, even though my friends claimed other fried ducks are superior. To me, Bebek Darmo is my One and Only.

Since I graduated and moved back to Jakarta, I had failed countless times to get my fix during visits. One time, I didn’t know it has moved to Jl Belitung from its usual spot in Jl Jawa. Other times, I was too full or simply didn’t have time.

So today… After a long wait… Here it was… Pardon the blurry picture, my hand was shaking from excitement:


It’s very simple, a piece of fried duck with white rice. Underneath the fat piece of duck, there’s a pile of delicious sambal that is exactly right. Not too spicy, slightly tomatoey, and finger lickingly goooood. For IDR 19 K, this is my plate of heaven, served in a tent beside a crowded street.

Serves the best fried duck in the whole world, but also serves chicken, catfish, pigeon, and moreish greasy fried cabbage. Open from 5 PM until they run out.
Jl Belitung, in front of Taman Lalu Lintas