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Xabi Alonso: So CLOSE and yet so far ;___;

7 Jul

Disclaimer: All of the pictures I post here are taken by me, and despite the lack of watermarking; I’d appreciate it if you notify me if you intend to use it. TYVM.

First of all thank youuuuuuu for my friend M for letting me know about this event because otherwise I would probably be that girl stalking his hotel just to get a picture. Thanks to them, I could get TONS of picture and not get arrested.

A little intro, there’s this snack company that becomes a local sponsor of Real Madrid. Pretty cool huh?
I think they helped RM build their soccer school there, and holds amazing charity events like this one. Last year they managed to get Luis Figo. This year…. XABI “OHMYGAWD I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S REAL” ALONSO was brought… with his wife.

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